How to Choose Gifts Toys For Kids

Provide something for children or babies should not be arbitrary because they are somehow not an adult who understands the rules in playing the toy so that the slightest mistake could be fatal. Parents must be keen in choosing toys for their children, do not just see a cheap price and then ignores all the risks.

Here are some rules to give toys to the children:

1. Note Age Players On Label Wrap Packaging

In the toy packaging is usually no information age / age of children who may play toy. Adjust to the age of our children. Do not provide toys for children 3 years for children under one year. But may provide toys for children ages two years to six years.

2. Read the User Information Toys

See the user manual or the information contained on the packaging of toys. See if there are parts or particles that can be dislodged so that it can make our children the dangers. Also read the other info we should be aware.

3. Toys That Use Batteries / Battery

If toys are used batteries, consider whether the lid firmly closed is not easy to open. Note also the battery is in it not to use low-quality battery that easily leak poison our children.

4. Beware Toys With Hazardous Materials

Sometimes the toys that come from outside the state there that do not follow government standards because it uses ingredients that are not appropriate toys for children. Note the plastic material, fabric, fur materials, paint materials, wood materials, metal / metal and other materials. not to use ingredients that are harmful to children because children love to bite and inserting toy into her mouth so that harmful substances can enter freely into the body.

5. Treat and Clean

Each toy requires good maintenance and cleaning to keep your child safe play our baby. Clean the toys in accordance with the material and also the basic rules and specific have to remove dust, germs viruses bacteria and other impurities. If there are broken toys immediately fixed or secured so as not to endanger our children.

6. Give Toys That Educate

As much as possible for the parents or others who want to give small gifts to children toys / baby, give toys which are educational even more expensive. A good educational toy will be able to develop skills and abilities of children, such as motor skills, logic skills, ability to remember, intelligence, faith is devotion, and others.


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