3 Fidget Tri Spinner Neon Hand Focus ADHD Desk Toy




3 Pc Tri Fidget Spinner Neon Hand Focus ADHD EDC Desk Toy Ceramic Ball Pocket Gyro New !!

* Available colors: Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Neon, Purple ! (As pictured). Send us an email immediately AFTER purchase to choose a color, otherwise we’ll ship RANDOMLY.
Measures: 3″ X 3″
These neon colored tri-spinners are perfect relaxation tool for the home or office or for a fun twist on this spin fidget!
Find yourself fidgeting? Well this is the gadget for you!
Using great bearings, the middle one is a metal bearing, for an ultra smooth spin.
High performance bearing for extremely fast and long spin times.
Great For Fidgety Hands, ADD & ADHD Sufferers Helps Relieve Stress,
Perfect size suitable for Adults and kids.
Easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun,also effective for focus and deep thought.
SLA technology,laser industrial molding technology,resin materials,accompany you year by year.
Use This Way:Hold spinner in one hand an 3 Fidget Tri Spinner Neon Hand Focus ADHD Desk Toy Stocking Stuffer Pocket Gyro


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